Our Interpreters

All of our interpreters are trained professionals.  They are screened carefully and their area of expertise is matched as per their credentials. We also provide interpreters with various levels of security clearances if required.

We test, train and do follow-up quality control on all our interpreters.  Language Marketplace® is one of a very few translation and interpretation service providers in North American to be Certified for Translation and Interpretation services, as per CAN/CGSB 131.10 and also EN 15038.

All of our interpreters adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, which includes impartiality and confidentiality. Our interpreters are experts at maintaining Accuracy, Completeness, and Confidentiality. They also have a keen understanding of the requirements for Impartiality, Professionalism, Scope of Practice, and Integrity.

All of your calls will be handled immediately by qualified interpreters!

Our process is simple to use:

* You call a North American Toll Free number

* You then provide your Client Identification Number

* Our service representative will connect you within moments to a professional interpreter



What customers are saying

"This is EXCELLENT service! I'm very impressed with your company, and am very pleased with my colleague's recommendation"
Colleen, Labatts

"You guys have done a GREAT JOB! Much appreciated."

"AMAZING! You guys are GOOD!"

Livewire Communication Inc.
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